Rip Rap / Blast Rock is used for a variety of different usages;

let us help you hold back the forces of Mother Nature in rivers, streams and lakes as well as the prevention of erosion on slopes and drainage ditches. we can also help with LANDSCAPE GARDENS and RETAINING WALLS.

Rip rap is processed through a technique called screening, using large screens (Grizzlies) ranging in size from M1 to Class 3. Class 4 and bigger are hand-selected using excavators and loaders.

Downer Contracting processes, sorts, loads, trucks and places all sizes of Rip Rap from two of the largest rock quarries in Central and Southern Alberta.

CLASS M1 - 125-300mm
CLASS 1 - 200-450mm
CLASS 2 - 300-500mm
CLASS 3 - 500-800mm
CLASS 4 - 800mm +

80mm Granular Sub-Base Course (100% Fracture)

All rip rap meets Alberta Transportation specifications.