Downer Contracting considers environmental protection to be an important and integral part of conducting business.

Every part of our operation will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulation. 

 Downer Contracting understands the principles of pollution prevention and has a desire for continuous environmental improvements.  We are happy to meet all environmental policies and requirements that any project mandates.  It is policy of Downer Contracting to:

  • To be environmental stewards with in the construction industry.  Wade, the management team and nearly all employees are raising their families in the backyards of our projects.  We are all committed to do our best to protect our environment for future generations.

  •  Protect the environment from the negative effects of the contaminants which are part of construction and operating activities. Comply with all legislated standards and regulation.

  • Provide education to employees, thus enabling them to understand and share in the responsibility for monitoring and protecting the environment.
  • Minimize hazards to public health and damage to the environment relative to the company's construction activities.
  • Inspect and audit, on a regular basis, project activities to measure performance to company standards.
  • Work with industry, government and employees to maintain environmental awareness.