An integral part of our safety program is training.

We address job-specific safety instruction with training in:

First Aid  |  Leadership for Safety Excellence  |  WHMIs  |  Flag Person Training  |  Trenching and ground disturbance  |  Principles of Health & Safety Management  |  confined spaces

Project Estimators consult with Field Operation Personnel and the Company Safety Officer to ensure that the project’s contractual obligations can be completed safely. After receiving the contract, competent personnel specific to the site assess all hazards. Then they eliminate or implement control measures to protect all personnel on that site as well as the public and the environment.

Informal and formal worksite inspections are conducted. Weekly safety meetings are held on site to identify possible changing situations or “near misses” that may have occurred.

From an equipment standpoint, we utilize a preventative maintenance program to reduce equipment failures and their potential accidents.

Leadership is promoted throughout all levels of our company. Continued training and education and positive attitudes ensure a successful safety program – one we are proud of – “SAFETY IS FIRST.”

We endorse a drug- and alcohol-free work environment.